Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Norfolk Getaway | Part III - Tawny Owl Chicks!

While we were away, we stayed at the Sandringham Estate Caravan Club site, surrounded by Glucksberg Woods. One night we had a toilet issue and Mike had to go out of the caravan to do what you do with caravan toilets. When he came back he said that there was an owl out in the woods making a huge racket!
So Thursday evening about 9pm we headed out to have a look.
We had a rough idea where to look as the owl was calling again and within about 5 minutes Mike had spotted our owl. Which turned out to be 2 fluffy Tawny Owl chicks.
I had already come prepared with my camera, but Mike immediately dashed off to go grab his from the caravan and left me in spot watching the fluffy babies.
Just as he ran off I was lucky to see the mum come back with a meal for one of her chicks! She was in and out faster than I could focus my camera!
But I did capture one of the chicks with a mouthful of food!

Mike returned and we proceeded to watch the owls until it was too dark to see them any more. Full of excitement we planned to head out again earlier Friday night.

We went out at 8 and couldn't see or hear anything, I said that I thought it was too early and I was sure we would still get to see them. So we went for a walk and came back to our spot about 8:30/8:45 when we started to hear the chicks calling again! Mike being the better spotter of the two of us sighted them straight away sat at the top of a huge pine tree.

They spotted us too and after working out there was no way we were getting up the tree to them the settled in to watching other walkers (who looked us like loonies for standing in the bushes staring at a tree) and waiting for their dinner service.
About 9 o'clock a couple walked by us and asked if we had found anything interesting and we shared our binoculars with them and showed them the chicks. The couple stayed with us watching them till again it was too dark to see them. They were so grateful and pleased with the spot, it was lovely to share it with them!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Norfolk Getaway | Part II - RSPB Snettisham & Cley Marshes

We visited the Snettisham reserve on our first day (Monday) in the afternoon and Cley Marshes on the Tuesday. But I photographed and saw so little at Cley that I decided to club the two together.

To get to Snettisham reserve you have to walk through the fishing lakes and along the river to the shingle beach and the lagoons. Here I saw my first Cuckoo! To quick to get a shot of, but we also saw lots of other amazing wildlife a grazing Hare and a couple of Seals!

The following pictures were taken at Snettisham.


Sedge Warbler

Oyster Catcher

Tortoiseshell Butterfly

A group of Black-headed Gulls and some chicks

Black-headed Gull and chick

Large group of mixed Waders, Oyster Catchers &
Black-headed Gulls


We think this is a Juvenile Eider Duck

Common Seal

I think this is a Juvenile Wren

The following pictures were taken at Cley Marshes. Here we managed to see a bird neither of us have been lucky enough to see before, the Spoon Bill! But sadly they spent all there time sleeping and all I have is one very far of image of them asleep! We also saw a Peregrine, Marsh Harriers, Green Shank, Herons, plenty of Wood Pigeon (the bane of my birding life - that goes for all common Pigeons!) Lapwings and Avocet. 

 Juvenile Blue tit

Marsh Harrier

Spoonbill's, Shelduck's and Lapwings


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Norfolk Getaway | Part I - RSPB Titchwell

Finally after an incredibly long lull in our birding activities, thanks to one of those big life milestones (buying our first house!!!) we borrowed Mikes parents caravan and headed up to Sandringham Caravan Site for a week away from life.

After food shopping we grabbed our camera's and binocular's and headed out to RSPB Titchwell.

I think this is a Black-tailed Godwit in its 1st summer plumage.



Female Shoveler and her ducklings

Black-tailed Godwit

Male Reed Bunting

Common Tern

Black Headed Gull

Male Shelduck 

Female Mallard and her ducklings

Wood Pigeon 

 Reed Warbler

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Red-Crested Pochard

We were also lucky enough to spot 2 Otters. One either a female or a young otter who dashed up from the dyke, to the path then back, calling. Then one possibly an adult male/female hopping over the bank, across the path into the dyke which was really cool as this was our first wild otter spot.